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Rhythm In Blues

Graphic banner with the text Rhythm In Blues next to the portraits of Katarina Benzova, Tia Fuller, and Gretchen Menn

Inspired Women

More and more women are breaking barriers in all aspects of the music industry. We’ve brought together an eclectic group of artists—the trailblazers, the firsts, the remarkable and revered to learn what they love about music and being on stage (or backstage or behind the lens), what inspires their day to day, and what they won’t go on tour without.

Anne Akiko Meyers playing the violin

Anne Akiko Meyers Concert Violinist in our metropolitan full-leg jeans

Anne’s 37th acclaimed album, Mirror in Mirror was recently released. She performs exclusively on the legendary Ex-Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesu, dated 1741, considered by many to be the finest violin in existence. Visit anneakikomeyers.com for upcoming performance dates and information.

Olga Kern playing the piano

Olga Kern Concert Pianist + Cliburn Gold Medal Winner in our Authentic Fit snap-hem jeans

See Olga Kern perform this month in Illinois, California and New Mexico. For more details on her tour and career, visit olgakern.com.

Tia Fuller standing and laughing with her saxophone

Tia Fuller Saxophonist Composer in our Authentic Fit slim-leg jeans

Tia’s latest album Diamond Cut is available now. Visit tiafuller.com to learn about her performances, master classes and clinics.

Regina Carter playing the violin

Regina Carter Jazz Violinist in our metropolitan full-leg jeans

See Regina Carter: Simply Ella in a city near you. To learn more, visit reginacarter.com.

Kelley O'Connor standing and laughing

Kelley O'Connor Mezzo-Soprano in our kick-flare ankle jeans

Kelley is a Grammy Award-winning artist. This month, she performs with the Colorado Symphony in Lieberson’s Neruda Songs. Visit kelleyoconnor.com for dates and showtimes.

Gretchen Menn playing the guitar

Gretchen Menn Rock Guitarist Composer in our weekender jeans

Keep up to date with news on Gretchen’s latest music and performances—learn more at gretchenmenn.com.

Katarina Benzova holding a camera

Katarina Benzova Rock Photographer + Documentarian in our versatile 5-pocket denim leggings

To learn more about Katarina’s rock photography, fine art and philanthropic foundation Mission11, visit katarinabenzova.com.

Patricia Price sitting and smiling

Patricia Price Music Consultant in our versatile 5-pocket denim leggings

To learn more about Patricia’s work, clients and projects, visit 8vamusicconsultancy.com.